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Dance for Fun   

Class Overview

This dance class is designed to help you enjoy lifelong well-being in all stages of life. 

Did you know that dance plays a key role in memory and learning? There is much-untapped wisdom available in dance.

In this class, discover how dance can have a positive effect on the brain, as well as the body, as you age. Learn how to use your diaphragm and breath to improve your wellness. Explore movement and musical skills that can aid your postural alignment, balance, and coordination. Gain awareness about what works for your body and how you can optimize your individual potential.

The instructor will guide you on how to work with any mobility issues and limitations you might have with chair-based dance movements. We will discuss how dance relates to culture and health.

The movements and activities will reveal the deep satisfaction and connection to life that dance offers, along with a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration. We will have fun! 

This class is part of our Broadway Hill Club offerings, designed for older students and offered during the daytime on diverse topics, though students of all ages are welcome!


Learning Objectives

  • Recognize individual differences and optimize individual potential
  • Gain movement and musical skills with postural alignment, balance, and coordination
  • Understand mobility issues (chair-based dance work)
  • Dance as it relates to culture and health


Who Might Enjoy This Class? 

  • Anyone who is interested in physical activity to support a healthy lifestyle.
  • People interested in experiencing the joys of basic dance and movement.
  • Seniors looking for a supportive and fun exercise class.
  • All levels are welcome – no experience needed!

This class is currently not available. 


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