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Yiddish - Level 2   

Class Overview

Continue to learn Yiddish and celebrate the Eastern European Jewish culture that gave rise to it in a fun, interactive class. Learn conversational vocabulary, holiday-related songs and poems, and words and speech for adults, children, and grandchildren. Read, write, and speak Yiddish by singing, counting, creating, recording, copying, and conversing in large and small groups. Explore sources of Yiddish and its geographic and historical differences. Discover Yiddish primers and workbooks as materials to help your entry to the language, helping you increase skills in writing and in decoding. Gain an introduction to cursive Yiddish (finally, you can read the back of those old photos!). Build Yiddish communication skills for inclusion in American life, as well as becoming familiar with Eastern European Jewish life and the sources of Yiddish. Explore Yiddish artists, writers and musicians. We look forward to seeing you in Yiddish Level 2! 

Learning Objectives

  • solidfy alef-beys, the Yiddish (Hebrew) alphabet
  • develop conversational skills in exchanging information – introducing yourself, family, emotions, numbers, colors, health, and work
  • gain exposure to beloved Yiddish songs and poems from yesteryear to present
  • become familiar with Jewish holidays, Yiddish culture, and foodways from Eastern Europe and, later, in the United States

Textbook Needed

In Eynem: The New Yiddish Textbook, ISBN 978-1-7343872-3-0

Who Might Enjoy This Class?

Prerequisites: Yiddish - Level 1. Prior knowledge of the alef-beys is helpful. Prior knowledge of basic Yiddish and/or Hebrew phrases or Jewish culture also could be helpful.

  • Students who have taken Yiddish - Level 1 or the equivalent.
  • Anyone who wants to continue learning artful and practical ways to express themselves in Yiddish.
  • Everyone, regardless of ethnicity, spiritual affiliation, sexual orientation, and/or age, is welcome.

This class is currently not available. 


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