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Impressionist Painting   

Class Overview

Do you admire the paintings of the Impressionists? Learn their unique brushstrokes and methods to make your own beautiful paintings with step-by-step guidance from a professional artist. 

Discover how lines of color can make a complete and memorable painting. Explore textures, color theory, the impressionist color wheel, composition, space, light and shadow, texture and movement. 

Immerse yourself in summer landscapes, figures and still lives, and explore originality. Learn about tools, materials and techniques. Enjoy class discussions about art history and impressionist artists.

Create your own unique painting masterpieces. No painting experience or formal art training is needed, just a willingness to learn.

Your painting instructor is a professional teacher and working artist in both the US and Italy, who has exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide.


Supplies Needed

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the tools and techniques to paint in the style of the Impressionist painters. 
  • Apply texture and impressionist colors to your paintings for personal expression. 
  • Use observation, linear perspective, and originality to explore composition, color, space, light and shadow in textures. 
  • Express different ways to observe and document art by developing an art vocabulary. 
  • Understand art as a form of personal expression.
  • Create a unique finished painting using the impressionist style.


Who Might Enjoy This Class

  • Anyone who wants to learn how to paint.
  • Painting students or painters who would like to improve their painting skills. 
  • People interested in Impressionist painting and would like to learn to paint in this style. 

Impressionist Painting  

Online registration for this class is closed. 

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Item: Spring36912  
4/16/2024 - 6/4/2024  

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