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Growing Cannabis at Home   

Class Overview

Growing Cannabis at Home, along with a growing list of other states, now allows patients with a valid recommendation from their health care professional to grow cannabis at home for use in distillate infused inhalers.

Knowing where and how to start can feel overwhelming, and this course provides cannabis professionals a comprehensive understanding of how they can guide their patients in setting up and maintaining their gardens.

During this online course, you'll:

  • Dive deep into the best practices around setting up, maintaining, and harvesting your own crop of cannabis
  • Examine selecting clone cultivars and seed varieties
  • Get tips on setting up the ideal growing environment
  • Receive guidance on harvesting, curing, and storage

This course has been specifically developed to meet the professional continuing education requirements of Medical Marijuana Consultants and to provide them with the information and tools they need in order to provide guidance to their medical marijuana patients.

NOTE: This course is online and self-paced. It has open enrollment; you can register throughout the quarter up to two weeks before the last day of the quarter. You will receive online access within three business days after registration.


Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, you'll be able to:

  • Explain the basics of the cannabis plant anatomy
  • Distinguish trait characteristics and the health benefits known about indicas, sativas, and hybrids
  • Identify the benefits of starting from seed and clone
  • Name common terpenes as well as both the natural flora and cannabis cultivars known to express each
  • Select the best location for growing based on environmental, resource, and security considerations
  • Explain the benefits and challenges of a soil versus soilless growing medium
  • Describe what a rhizophere is and those elements that keep it thriving
  • Explain the need for healthy air, lighting, water and nutrition and how to keep these elements best suited for maximum cannabis growth
  • Describe reproduction, cloning, the two main growth stages and flushing the plants
  • Explain the process of harvesting, drying, and curing
  • Identify some common troubleshooting remedies for a healthier garden

Who Should Take This Class?

Medical Marijuana Consultants in the state of Washington interested in gaining CEUs for recertification


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