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Translation Skills 2: Spanish/English   

Class Overview

Continue gaining more advanced hands-on experience in translation in this hands-on class. Advance your skills in translating, editing, proofreading and localizing a variety of texts. Advance your linguistic research skills and learn how to efficiently produce a high-quality client-ready translation. 

This course will help you apply your translation skills to enhance the quality, speed, and accuracy of your translation assignments. 

Successful completion of our Translation and Interpretation: Translation Skills I (Spanish/English) class is strongly recommended, but not required. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: 
  • Create a client-ready translation with consistent terminology  
  • Self-edit and proofread effectively with a variety of texts
  • Perform more advanced linguistic and terminological research 
  • Complete translation assignments of more complex texts within the set production time frame
  • Self-evaluate the quality of a translation 
  • Collaborate with a translation team incorporating translation steps 
  • Reflect on criticism from other translators in order to improve the quality of translation

Who Should Take This Class? 

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills and the ability to comprehend English and Spanish at an educated near-native level. Successful completion of our Translation and Interpretation: Translation Skills I (Spanish/English) class is strongly recommended, not required. No previous translation and/or interpretation experience required. The age minimumis 18, or we ask you to please fill out the required release form.

  • Students who successfully completed the Translation and Interpretation: Translation Skills I (Spanish/English) offered by Seattle Central College Continuing Education
  • Novice translators who would like to improve their practical translation skills
  • People who are bilingual who would like to become a professional translator or localizer 
  • Professionals who are often asked to translate work-related materials for their customers/clients but who have never received translation training
  • Interpreters who wish to provide a translation service in the near future


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