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AutoCAD 2021 - Level 2   

Class Overview

Continue to learn Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CAD). This class is a continuation of AutoCAD Level 1. 

Gain drafting and design skills needed to compete in the rapidly changing 21st century global workplace and qualify for entry level AutoCAD® drafting positions. If you already have experience working in drafting, this class will help you assume more senior AutoCAD® positions and gain more confidence in your software skills.

Enjoy significant hands-on experience sequenced to build on previous classroom/lab and work experiences. Explore the following topics:

•    Paper space and layouts
•    Printing your drawing
•    Text and dimensioning
•    Creating and managing blocks
•    Hatching
•    Advanced editing features

Learning Outcomes

•    Continue building on your knowledge of AutoCAD
•    Gain experience working with intermediate-level skills and tools
•    Learn new elements of the software
•    Understand industry best practices

Who Should Take This Class?

Prerequisites: Completion of AutoCAD Level 1 or previous experience using AutoCAD. Basic computer skills (able to use the keyboard and mouse) and the ability to comprehend English.
•    Anyone who has completed our AutoCAD - Level 1 course
•    Individuals interested in competing for entry-level drafting positions
•    Seasoned professionals that would like to improve their confidence and skills with this software


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