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Italian - Level 1   

Class Overview

Would you like to learn Italian but don't know where to begin? This friendly and relaxed class is a great place to get started!

Build everyday Italian vocabulary and expressions in this highly interactive class. Develop basic conversational skills while exploring Italian-speaking cultures. Get acquainted with the essentials of Italian grammar and develop basic listening, speaking, and reading skills. 

In this introductory Italian class, you will gain skills to interact with the instructor and fellow students in short and simple conversations. Develop a foundation in the Italian language that you can build upon as you gain proficiency.


Learning Objectives

  • be able to say everyday expressions and phrases on familiar topics in Italian
  • have simple conversations
  • listen, speak and read in simple/basic Italian
  • be familiar with basic grammar
  • gain basic everyday vocabulary and expressions
  • develope an understanding of Italian-speaking culture


Recommended Textbook 

Please acquire this book, which will be used for levels 1-6: Avanti Aski- Musumeci, Second Edition; ISBN 978-0-07-338624-9.


Who Might Enjoy This Class?

  • Anyone interested in learning Italian who has never studied it before or who has very limited experience
  • Italian language students who wish to review from the beginning to solidify basic skills



This class is currently not available. 


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