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Draw in Color: Pencils and Oil Pastels   

Class Overview

Drawing with colored pencils and oil pastels is a wonderful way to bring color and life to your artwork. Color brings a whole new level of vitality and beauty to art, pencils and pastels are easy to use with great results.

Create artwork with colors similar to painting! Learn specific techniques for each media, colored pencils and oil pastels. Gain experience with a wide variety of color drawing techniques and learn how to attain good results bursting with color. 

Follow the instructor in a step-by-step instruction in building basic skills and then apply what you’ve learned to a variety of inspiring subjects. Get comfortable with the art of drawing in color, and you will be bringing home beautiful works of art before the class is done.  


Supplies Needed

View the supply list. 


Learning Objectives

  • The basics of drawing: contrast, value, lighting, highlights, midtones, shadows, proportions, etc.
  • The basics of color drawing, including: color, color schemes, hue, value, intensity of color, color layering and blending, details, etc.
  • The unique and wonderful properties of each color drawing media, colored pencils and oil pastels.
  • Make the most of the supplies for these media
  • Apply these beautiful media in a variety of inspiring subjects, including landscapes, animals, plants, flowers, and still lives.
  • Create a variety of beautiful, inspiring, colorful drawings to enjoy or display in your home!


Who Might Enjoy This Class 

  • Anyone interested in exploring color
  • People who like to draw and would like to add color to their drawings
  • Anyone interested in gaining experience using colored pencils and oil pastels to produce beautiful artwork
  • Artists or art students who would like to explore these portable, easy to use, colorful medium
  • No experience needed; everyone is welcome!

This class is currently not available. 


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