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Korean - Level 2   

Class Overview

Continue learning Korean language in this interactive class! Develop basic oral and written communication skills while exploring traditional and modern Korean culture. You will get acquainted with the essentials of Korean grammar and learn to read and write the Korean alphabet, Hangul. Learn everyday vocabulary and expressions that will be useful in your learning and help you feel more natural using the language. Practice essential speaking and listening skills in simple conversations. Enjoy the company of other Korean language students who are at a similar level in their learning as you. Required textbook: Sogang Korean 1A: Student’s Book (Korean) 2nd Edition. ISBN-13: 978-8-97699-5728.

Learning Objectives

  • speak and understand simple conversations
  • understand and use basic grammar
  • write/read Hangul (Korean alphabet)
  • be familiar with everyday vocabulary and expressions
  • have more understanding about traditional and modern Korean culture

Textbook Needed

Sogang Korean 1A: Student’s Book (Korean) 2nd Edition. ISBN-13: 978-8-97699-5728

Who Might Enjoy This Class?

Prerequisite: 1 quarter (20 hours) of Korean study or equivalent

  • Anyone who is interested in Korean language and culture and meets the prerequisite
  • Travelers, business people, friends and family of Korean speakers, and anyone else wanting to learn Korean
  • People would like to know develop basic conversational skills as well as reading/writing skills
Korean - Level 2
Item: Winter37317 Sunran Kim
5:30 PM - 8:00 PM SCONL
Sessions: 8 Tu Room: Online, ,
1/10/2023 - 2/28/2023 Fee: $269.00

For information on Textbooks and Materials recommended for Continuing Education classes, please see our website:

Number of Sessions: 8
Format: Online
Schedule: Tuesday, 5:30PM - 8:00PM

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