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Yiddish - Level 9   

Class Overview

Build more advanced Yiddish vocabulary and expressions in this interactive class! Develop advanced conversational skills while continuing to explore Yiddish-speaking culture. 

In class, gain experience reading longer Yiddish texts and translating them together with classmates. Continue to develop practical listening, speaking and reading skills. Learn idiomatic expressions and phrases for everyday life to help you have more advanced and natural conversations.

We will also continue to explore Yiddish culture to gain more understanding and appreciation of the history and traditions.

Learning Objectives

  • Use new vocabulary
  • Be familiar with idiomatic expressions and phrases for everyday life
  • Have more advanced conversations 
  • Listen, speak, read and translate at a more advanced level
  • Have more understanding of Yiddish culture

Who Might Enjoy This Class?

Prerequisites: Previous knowledge of Yiddish 8 quarters (120 hours) of study or equivalent. 

  • Yiddish language students who wish to advance their conversational skills and fluency 
  • Students who wish to continue learning Yiddish in a fun and interactive learning environment
  • Those who enjoy improving their Yiddish language skills with an eye toward someday speaking Yiddish fluently

This class is currently not available. Please check back next quarter. 

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