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Pen and Ink Art   

Class Overview

Pen and ink have been used for millennia and are still a favorite medium of artists today. These tools have their own personality and can add a unique flair to your drawing style. Learn how to use pen and ink in this fun hands-on class for all levels.

Even though pen and ink are simple tools, controlling the ink, and its permanence of it can be intimidating. In this class, learn the basic steps to get good results from your materials. Explore a variety of pen techniques and practice them to incorporate them into your drawings. Learn about technical pens and brush pens, and practice using dip pens.

We will look at some examples of pen and ink drawings for inspiration. Get ready to “go with the flow” and get creative with ink


Supplies Needed

  • Pad of paper – Bristol smooth or mixed media
  • During the first class, the instructor will bring several dip pens and inks to try; there will be a discussion regarding the other supplies needed to purchase for the class at that time.


Learning Objectives

  • Be introduced to basic steps and a variety of pen techniques.
  • Practice basic steps and a variety of pen techniques


Who Might Enjoy This Class? 

  • Anyone interested in learning how to use pen and ink
  • People with drawing experience who would like to try a variety of new pens and techniques
  • No experience needed; everyone is welcome

This class is currently not available. 


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