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Italian Immersion - Level 3   

Class Overview

Continue learning Italian and build on skills you learned in Italian Immersion - Level 2 in a low-pressure and supportive atmosphere. This class is conducted 90% in Italian, with time reserved for questions in English. 

Enjoy making progress in your abilities to think, understand, and express yourself in Italian. Review basics from Level 1 & Level 2, including grammar, syntax and pronunciation, phrases, and numbers. Expand your listening and speaking skills while you learn 300-500 more vocabulary items Review the present perfect tense and learn the future tense and more irregular verbs. Learn about reflexive verbs, pronouns, and using subordinate clauses.

Gain more confidence having more complex conversations in Italian and enjoy practicing with your classmates.

As a class we will also have the opportunity to attend Seattle Opera's production of the Barber of Seville by Rossini, enjoying discounted tickets with seats near the front. Enjoy a Seattle Opera hosted mixer for all the Italian classes in the Seattle area before the opera begins.


Learning Objectives

  • Build upon your existing Italian language grammar and syntax skills
  • Continue to enrich your Italian vocabulary and learn important idiomatic expressions
  • Continue to gain confidence in listening to and conversing increasingly complex Italian
  • Gain confidence in being able to function independently in an all-Italian context


Recommended Textbook

Essential Italian Grammar, ISBN: 9780486207797


Who Might Enjoy This Class?

Prerequisite: Italian Immersion - Level 2, Italian - Level 2, or equivalent education or experience.

  • Italian language students who meet the prerequiste interested in continuing to learn Italian language 
  • Students who enjoy a more immersive learning environment
  • People with ancestral roots in Italy who would like to better understand their Italian heritage, language and culture
  • Anyone planning on traveling to Italy in the future who would like to have some language skills for their visit

This class is currently not available. 


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