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Interpreting Skills 2: Spanish/English   

Class Overview

Are you bilingual in Spanish and English and interested in learning or improving your professional interpreting skills? If you have some experience as a Spanish/English interpreter, and would like training to become a skilled professional, this class is for you.

Develop skills and experience as a professional Spanish/English interpreter. Explore how to work in the sight translation mode, and gain essential skills of note-taking and consecutive interpreting. Learn about preparation, linguistic research skills, and available technologies for interpreters. Discover how to efficiently provide a high-quality interpretation service. 

Gain skills that will help you apply your language abilities to interpreting assignments in a professional and prepared manner, to meet the expectations of your clients and provide you with successful employment opportunities. 

We strongly recommend you complete our Translation and Interpretation Fundamentals Certificate program, but no previous formal translation and/or interpretation experience is required. 

Learning Objectives

  • Create a high-quality interpreting service
  • Improve sight translation skills
  • Advance note-taking techniques
  • Learn basic consecutive interpretation skills
  • Complete small interpreting assignments using different modes
  • Self-evaluate the quality of the interpretation 
  • Reflect on criticism from other interpreters in order to improve the quality of the interpretation

Material Required

Steno book writing pad, and pen or pencil

Who Might Enjoy This Class?

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills and the ability to comprehend English and Spanish at an educated near-native level. Successful completion of our Translation and Interpretation Fundamentals Certificate program and Interpreting Skills 1: Spanish/English class is strongly recommended, not required. No previous translation and/or interpretation experience required. The age minimum is 18.

  • People who are bilingual who meet the prerequisites above or comparable experience
  • Novice interpreters who would like to improve their practical interpretation skills
  • Professionals who are often asked to interpret at work for their customers/clients but who have never received any formal training
  • Translators who wish to provide interpretation services in the near future

This class is currently not available. 


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