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Maritime Mishaps - Don't Let This Be You!   

Class Overview

Let’s face it, accidents happen to the best of us. The key to happy boating is how well we learn from our mistakes--or even better, the mistakes of others. Join us as we take a lively in-depth look at ten real-world maritime mishaps with the goal of understanding common errors that you can avoid to keep you out of harm's way. We'll review the facts presented in official incident reports, discuss and debate what went wrong, and see if we reach the same conclusions as the investigators. Special attention is given to underlying rules and related safety recommendations. You'll come away with valuable take-home lessons that will hopefully prevent history from repeating itself the next time you head out on the water. 


Learning Objectives

have reviewed and discussed ten incident reports of boaters who have encountered problems
gained an understanding of hazards you can avoid to stay safe
be able to locate, define and understand pertinent regulations and safety guidelines


Who Might Enjoy This Class

Recreational boaters interested in better understanding safety issues
Boaters who want to be more familiar with safety regulations and guidelines


This class is currently not available. Please check back next quarter. Fall 2023 schedule and online registration will be open on Aug. 14, 2023.


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