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Turn Your Art Into Greeting Cards - And Sell Them  

Class Overview

Have you ever had a friend or family member say you should do more with your art? Have you ever imagined doing business with your art? Explore one of the simplest, least expensive, safest ways to make some return on your investment of time and money in your art: turning your art into greeting cards. 

Learn about what types of art makes the best greeting cards and how to assemble a greeting card - what you need and where to buy it. Discuss how to photograph your artwork, if it is not photography, to prepare it and duplicate it.

In this class we will explore pricing, selling online, working with stores and even licensing your art to third parties. The emphasis will be on removing hurdles so you can be making your own cards by the second session. This class is timed to prepare you in plenty of time for the best time of year for greeting cards, the holiday season. Greeting cards can work well for all art mediums, in two dimensions and three, from photography to painting, ceramics to wood working. Please bring 10 examples of your art to share for the first session.

Supplies Needed

  1. At least 10 small copies (not original art, but photographs or photocopies) of your art - 5x7 inches or smaller
  2. 10 scored, blank sheets of card stock
  3. 10 matching envelopes (get them when you shop for the paper)
  4. 2-sided tape applicator
  5. Internet access for uploading photos to Flickr and joining class by Zoom videoconferencing
  6. A device with webcam and microphone for joining Zoom sessions 
  7. Optional materials (not required for attending the class): plastic enclosures, 10 adhesive labels with © copyright notice

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: 

  • Select the pieces of your art that are the most suitable for greeting cards
  • Make a finished greeting card with your art
  • Set an appropriate price for your greeting cards
  • Contact a store to have them sell your greeting cards
  • Approach

Who Should Take This Class?

  • Anyone making art in any medium
  • Artists who want to make some return on your investment of time and money in your art
  • Anyone who wants to share their art with friends or loved ones
  • Artists who love seeing their art out in the world, being enjoyed by and having an impact on others


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