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Relief Carving Basics   

Class Overview

Learn how to carve beautiful designs and images on a flat wood panel! Enjoy step-by-step instruction in this interactive hands-on class. 

In five sessions, you will learn all the skills needed to complete a carving of a beautiful flower in wood. This class will start with how to select, use, and sharpen your carving tools. Then you will learn how to prepare your carving board and use your tools, using basic carving techniques. This class is a great next step for students who have taken Wood Carving: Spoons, Wood Carving: Animals, or Wood Carving: Fantasy Animals.

When your project is complete, you will learn how to apply traditional oil finishing. Your original hand-carved art piece will come to life within five sessions. This will be a good foundation for you to gain the skills to do other relief carving projects and enjoy a rewarding hobby. No previous carving knowledge or experience required. Let’s get carving!

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Obtain basic knowledge of relief carving
  • Know how to select and maintain carving tools
  • Use basic wood carving techniques and use your tools safely
  • Be familiar with how to select wood and tools 
  • Carve a flat wood panel with confidence
  • Know the basic cuts and techniques

Supplies Needed

Click here to see the supply list. Please bring supplies to the first class.

Who Might Enjoy This Class?

  • Anyone interested in learning relief wood carving 
  • People with some experience in wood carving, but not relief carving; this class is a great next step for students who have taken Wood Carving: Spoons, Wood Carving: Animals, or Wood Carving: Fantasy Animals!
  • Anyone who has tried some relief carving, but has not felt successful or had thorough instruction about proper techniques and would like the structure of a class
  • Anyone who would like to try a rewarding new hobby

This class is currently not available. 


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