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Translation Quality Assurance: Reviewing, Editing and Proofreading   

Class Overview

What do translation reviewers do to deliver a desired level of quality in translation services? In this class, explore the fasincating translation review process.

Learn about the key steps in translation review workflow, including editing, proofreading and localization. Explore localization and how to translate something to a particular country or region. Discover the technologies used in the translation industry and how these technologies are used most efficiently.

Find out about the differences between reviewing, editing and proofreading and practice using your language skills to edit translations. 

This class is designed for people who would like to work as a translator, localizer or reviewer in the near future and/or who would like to obtain up-to-date hands-on knowledge and skills in these fields. Bilingual skills and prior work as a translator are recommended, but not requiredAny two language pairs are welcome.

This class is part of our Tranlsation and Interpretation Certificate Program.

Learning Objectives

  • understand the difference between reviewing, editing and proofreading and learn 
  • perform the tasks of a reviewer
  • apply your linguistic skills to editing and proofreading translations
  • evaluate translations and provide feedback
  • use Computer Assisted Translation tools for reviewers
  • be familiar with Language Quality Services (LQS) and translation style guides

Who Might Enjoy This Class?

Prerequisites: Bilingual skills and prior work as a translator are recommended, but not required.

  • Bilingual individuals who are interested in translation and linguistics
  • Language specialists who are interested in working as translation reviewers
  • Anyone interested in foreign languages and/or the translation process
  • Translators interested in honing your review skills
  • Strong interest in languages and/or translation process is a plus
  • No prior knowledge and experience of translation or localization is required 



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Translation Quality Assurance: Reviewing, Editing and Proofreading  

7/24/2024 To 7/31/2024 Instructor: Irina Spinosa
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM                                                                  4 Class Hours                                                                                  
Sessions: 2 W Room: Online, Zoom , WA
Fee: $89.00  
Item: Summer17108
  • Format/Location: Online
  • Schedule Notes: None
We are unable to process registrations within 3 hours of the start timeon 7/24/2024.
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