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Translation & Interpretation Terminology Mgmt.   

Class Overview

Interested in the field of translation and interpretation? Develop essential skills in terminology research and glossary building to provide accurate and consistent translation and interpreting services. 

Learn how to create a unique glossary of terms for every client, project, and industry -- and for building your own professional tool kit. Discover the best way to manage glossaries you create, while exploring other options using translation memory (TM) tools to increase your workflow and efficiency in any language-service project. We will explore online references and tools to support your work.

By improving your research skills, you can also save time and energy, increasing your productivity and profitability as a language services provider. Don’t waste your precious hours wondering which term would go better in a specific context anymore!

This class is part of our Translation and Interpretation Certificate Program.

Learning Objectives

  • Know the difference between a glossary and a termbase
  • Understand the importance of terminology management
  • Efficiently create and use a custom/unique terminology management system with Word and/or Excel
  • Develop essential knowledge and skills of how to obtain specialized terminology lists and data online
  • Use online references and tools (e.g. bookmarks, links, search engines, etc.)
  • Advance research skills in highly specialized subjects such as legal, medical, international business, politics, etc.  


Who Might Enjoy This Class?

Prerequisites: Basic computer skills and the ability to comprehend English and another spoken language at an educated near-native level. Successful completion of Translation and Interpretation: Basics is strongly recommended.

  • People who are bilingual or multilingual who are pursuing work as a professional translator or interpreter
  • Anyone who would like to start their own freelance business in the translation and interpretation industry 
  • Future translators and interpreters who would like to increase the efficiency and productivity in this work
  • No previous translation and/or interpretation experience is required 



This class is currently not available. 


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