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Intro to Software Development and Version Control   

Class Overview

Would you like to create interactive, real-time 3D experiences? You can develop your own games or apps in extended reality, which offers unlimited possibilities for use in science, technology, education, entertainment, and beyond. Develop skills to become a creator in this exciting new field, and help shape the future or the technology while it’s still in its early stages. 

This introductory class is the first of three classes in the Unity User: Programmer Certificate course, part of Seattle Colleges' Extended Reality micropathway. Learn about developing applications using C#, to get started in this field. This is a hands-on online class.

The content of this class will be focused around three areas: 

  1. C# language
  2. Object-oriented programming
  3. Development environments and processes used to manage source codes, and build, test, and deploy applications 

Learn how to manage source code, build, deploy and integrate the software stacks that support C#applications. At the end of the class, you will have a foundation in the tools and processes required of the modern developer.

This class will address the following topics:

  • Introduction to Visual Studio, structure of a C# program, and anatomy of an application project file
  • C# syntax and features including Exception Handling
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Interfaces, Inheritance and Polymorphism – what they are and why this would matter in developing games
  • Advanced C# features (indexers, delegates)
  • Accessing data using Entity Framework
  • Introduction to continuous integration and continuous deployment or delivery (CI/CD)
  • Introduction to Unit Testing
  • Introduction to Application Performance
  • Model-view-controller (MVC) framework – a primer

Supplies and Materials Needed

Learning Objectives

  • Create applications using C# and object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • Understand how to build code in a collaborative environment using version control systems
  • Investigate and troubleshoot applications

Who Might Enjoy This Class

Anyone (18 years old or older) who would like to:

Preferred Qualifications

  • High-school level of mathematics knowledge
  • Basic familiarity with computers, including graphic software like Adobe Photoshop
  • Basic knowledge of programming concepts like variables, loops, and conditional logic

This class is currently not available for registration.  

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