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English as a Second Language: Current Events   

Class Overview

Learning English? Improve your English language skills using today’s news as your textbook! 

Intermediate-level English students, this class is for you. Work on building vocabulary, understanding, and comprehension of English, in a practical and fascinating way. Practice speaking, reading, and listening during discussions with other language learners. 

In this class, you can learn grammar naturally by exploring topics in the news each week, chosen by students. You can take this class more than once -- since the news is always changing, you can continue to learn English, along with US culture and news, in this format. Materials for this class will be provided. 

If the class is interested, we can take field trips to local destinations to enhance learning and fun. 


Learning Objectives

  • Gain confidence in your ability to clearly discuss topics in English that are important to you 
  • Improve listening and comprehension skills in English
  • Gain a better understanding of local and national US news
  • Be able to share news about your home country with the group


Who Might Enjoy This Class

  • Anyone interested in improving their English speaking, reading, and listening skills
  • English language learners who would like to be able to better understand and discuss current events in the United States (as well as news from their native countries)
  • Students of the English language who would like to participate in guided conversations with other students



Intermediate English or above.


This class is currently not available. 


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