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IN-PERSON: Funk Art, Nut Art and The Hairy Who   

**This class will be taught In-Person**


Funk Art rose from the depths of the San Francisco underground influenced by the expansion of hippie counterculture and anti-establishment Beatnik aesthetics and expression. While the sleek Minimalism of New York’s avant-garde became popular on the East Coast, nothing was off limits to the Bay Area’s Funk artists who openly embraced issues of sex, gender, and human identity.

Funk Art became home to artists Robert Arneson, David Gilhooly, and Clayton Bailey to name a few who embraced the lurid, the garish, the cartoonish, and the profane.  This presentation will explore the artists, origins, and legacy of Funk Art, Nut Art and The Hairy Who.


This class is not available at this time.  

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