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IN-PERSON: Banned, Burned, and Beloved: How Censorship Affects What We Read and Write   

**This class will be taught In-Person**

Course participants will engage in discussions about banned books and censorship with a leading academic and advocate in the field of free speech and privacy.

Week by Week Outline


6 weeks:

  1. The Orientation Class: What does banning a book or censoring content mean? Who decides?

  2. The International Class: Does it matter where you are when you are reading a book?

  3. The Politics Class: How does your political affiliation change your views on censorship, and how does censorship change your politics?

  4. The Kids Class: How does banning books change when children or students are involved?

  5. The Reading Class: In every class, we’ll look at banned texts, but in this class session we’ll work in groups to figure out what exactly in the text caused problems for the book.

  6. The Writing Class: How does censorship affect writers and writing?


This class is not available at this time.  

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