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Writers on Writing   NEW!

Diane Frank Writers on Writing is a literary salon, where published authors will read from their books, talk about their creative process, and answer questions. A new author will be featured each week. After the Q&A, authors will offer a writing exercise based on their book, with time to share writing at the end of the session. If you’ve ever read a book and wanted to ask the author questions, here’s your opportunity. It’s better than a book club, and if you like what you hear, you’ll be able to get a signed copy of the book. Featured authors for this session include: Aug 24 - George Wallace -- author of Smashing Rock And Straight As Razors. This award-winning book from the Poet in Residence at the Walt Whitman birthplace is a wild tumble into joy. Aug 31 - Louise Nayer -- author of Poised for Retirement: Moving from Anxiety to Zen. Written with humor, compassion, and poignancy, this is not your parents’ retirement guide or a financial planning guide! Sept. 7 - Joseph DiPrisco -- author of The Alzhammer: Or Keep Your Friends Close and … I Forget the Other Thing Mikey is history. He’s got what he calls the Alzhammer. A once powerful mob boss, he is seriously slipping – losing control of his crew and of his mind. Sept. 14 - Nancy Taforo-Murphy -- author of Ann Mary, Contraception, and the Pope of Rome. This book is a poke in the eye of Mother Church. No one escapes a lampooning – priests, nuns, archdiocesan hierarchy, neighbors. Sept. 21 - Alison Luterman -- author of Desire Zoo. Frequently published in The Sun, she takes poetry’s service to human life seriously. Her book is woven with grief and wonder. Kerry Tepperman -- author of Dreaming of France. Her prose poems and flash fiction do exactly what the French are so good at doing – making life sensually exquisite. Sept. 28 - Dale Biron: author of Why We Do Our Daily Practices. Dale Biron, a motivational speaker and business coach, uses poetry for soul retrieval. His book is full of celebrations of the moments that make life memorable. Diane Frank is an award winning poet and author of six books of poems, including Swan Light, Entering the Word Temple, and The Winter Life of Shooting Stars. Her first novel, Blackberries in the Dream House, won the Chelson Award for Fiction and was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize. Her new novel, Yoga of the Impossible, was an Amazon bestseller for metaphysical fiction, #1 on their Hot New Releases list. Her new book, River of Earth and Sky: Poems for the 21st Century, features more than 100 poets, mixing poets who have won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award, along with lesser known poets who also deserve to be read.


  • Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at San Francisco State University
    835 Market Street, Sixth Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103
    Phone: (415) 817-4243 Website: