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Film Noir in the 1950s*   

As the 1950s dawned, a new world greeted the movie-going public, one now dominated by a growing concern that communism might soon devour America as well as the vague anxiety generated by the anticipation of nuclear war. Quite a remarkable environment for some of the decade's most creatively ambitious noir films! Film Noir in the 50s reflected this harsh reality of a wildly uncertain period with an onslaught of highly stylized, violent crime thrillers, all branded with the red-hot, nervous stamp of their times. This highly intensive SIX WEEK class will highlight classic noir films from acknowledged Hollywood masters IDA LUPINO, PHIL KARLSON, JOSEPH LOSEY, ROBERT ALDRICH, JOSEPH H. LEWIS, and JACQUES TOURNEUR marking this decade as one of the most electrifying in Hollywood's long and glorious history. THE FILMS: M (1951) THE HITCH HIKER (1953) 99 RIVER STREET (1953) THE BIG COMBO (1955) KISS ME DEADLY (1955) NIGHTFALL (1957) *Please be advised that the films to be discussed in this class are often quite violent, with much of it directed at women characters. This is typical of film noir. It reflects a sexism both in the times these films were made and in the very nature of pulp fiction itself.

This class is not available at this time.  

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