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Populism and the American Cinema: Warner Bros. Films (1932-1938)  

Elliot Lavine Warner Bros. cranked out some of the most exciting socially conscious dramas during the 1930s. Whether dealing with outright societal issues or merely human dramas reflecting on teh difficult times and conditions facing Americans, Warner Bros. probably more than any other Hollywood studio at the time, had its finger on the pulse of what made the country tick. The six films we will watch in class, produced between 1932 and 1938, are wonderful examples of how a Hollywood studio chose to grapple with these issues and concerns in entertaining and thought provoking ways. 1) I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang (1932) 2) Heroes for Sale (1933) 3) They Won’t Forget (1937) 4) Black Legion (1937) 5) Marked Woman (1937) 6) Angels With Dirty Faces (1938) Elliot Lavine has been programming films for the Roxie and Castro Theaters in San Francisco since 1990, including his annual film noir festival, "I Wake Up Dreaming." In 2010, he received the Marlon Riggs Award from the San Francisco Film Critics Circle for his revival of rare archival titles and his role in the renewed popularity of film noir. (This course is typically 5 weeks (12.5 hours). The 6th week creates the nominal additional cost for this course. Multi-course memberships are based upon 12 hour courses at $95. Therefore, if you are a multicourse member, $95 will be deducted from the course fee, leaving $15 additional due for the 3 additional hours.) Please note: 2 sections of this class are available (see below).


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