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Basic Drawing  

Beryl Landau It is common for adults who've rarely drawn since childhood to feel as if they lack talent and have trepidation about approaching drawing again. Allow me to debunk the "talent" myth! Anyone can learn to draw well. Drawing is a mechanical skill and technique, like typing or driving, that must be learned. You'll be amazed through this course how proficient you'll become. Drawing heightens visual awareness, and develops concentration and observation skills, It is an important tool for such other art forms as painting or printmaking. The classes will consist of specific techniques such as contour, gesture, and modeled drawing, ink wash, shading, crosshatching, perspective and proportion. The course will cover basic elements of drawing; line, shape, contrast, composition, and texture. Students will work from still life, geometric forms, photographs, and art historical references and portraits each other. Each assignment will be demonstrated and explained. We will share and discuss our work each week. 1. Contour drawing, positive and negative space, gesture drawing. 2. Drawing from photos, gray scale, perspective. 3. Drawing bottles in the style of Giorgio Morandi. 4. Head proportion, drawing people, human skull. 5. Line drawing of cardboard boxes showing perspective. 6. Chiaroscuro drawings based on shaded drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael. Beryl Landau was born in New York City. As a child she attended the People’s Art Center at the Museum of Modern Art and later the High School of Music and Art. Her family moved to Santa Monica, California when she was fifteen. Soon after she settled in the San Francisco Bay Area. She now lives with her husband in San Francisco where she has been painting and teaching. Her works are on display in several locations in San Francisco. The teacher will bring a basic kit on the first day. The materials fee for this basic kit is $30. For information on materials, email


  • Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at San Francisco State University
    835 Market Street, Sixth Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103
    Phone: (415) 817-4243 Website: