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Printmaking Today  

Lola Fraknoi Explore different ways to create images inspired by the materials and by the work of contemporary artists today. Techniques of contemporary printmaking, will be used such as Monotypes, a one of a kind, hand-pulled print where you create an image with etching ink on a smooth glass plate, and transfer the image to paper; Collagraphs, a printmaking process in which materials are applied to cardboard; and Soft-Kut carving (a much softer linoleum). These techniques can be used at home and do not require special equipment. We will start with simple sketching and then add or remove shapes, textures, and colors, to create depth on the print. Artists like Alexander Calder, Jasper Johns, Helen Frankenthaler, and Louise Bourgeois will be looked at for inspiration. Create a portfolio of your own prints using all these techniques and a better understanding of the printmaking field today. Week 1: First look at printing plates and prints, overview of the types of plates to be covered, Slide show, Monotype demonstration of how to prepare a Plexiglas plate, how to add lines, color, shapes, and textures, Demonstration of the printing process: plate and paper preparation, and ink application, Create first print Week 2: Slide show of artists working on Collographs today. A Collograph is a process in which materials are applied to add to cardboard. Demonstration of how to prepare a cardboard plate, how to add lines, color, shapes, and textures; Demonstration of the printing process: plate and paper preparation, and ink application; Students will be encouraged to print several images, changing the composition along the way, Informal critique Week 3: Slide show of artists working on linocuts, using Soft-Kut plates. Linocuts are designs or forms carved in relief of Soft-Kut blocks. Demonstrations on how to use tools to carve, show different ways to use the depth of your carving to create light and dark. students will make several prints until they reach the desired composition. Informal critique. Week 4: Combining techniques to create an original print, experimentation will be encouraged, a printing “extravaganza,” where students will master the printing process, Final class critique of everyone’s three favorite prints and discussion. Lola Fraknoi was born in Lima, Peru and educated in the U.S., she holds a BA from Rice University and an MFA from the California College of the Arts. Trained as a professional artist, she has always found ways to bring art, music, and creativity of all kinds into the programs she has led. She founded and directed Ruth’s Table (a center for multi-generational creative learning, rooted in the life and work of artist Ruth Asawa). She is the developer of Lola’s ArtKit, a innovative series of activities designed to open creativity in people with memory loss, and current faculty in the Art Department of City College of San Francisco. An additional 2 hour lab option is available for $85 on Fridays during the same four week period as long as 3 students from this class sign up for it. Email to to sign up. $30 materials fee payable to teacher on 1st day. Bring from home: Old shirt or apron, masking tape, roll of paper towel. Please call or text to 415-319-2465 if you are signing up and are offered only the waitlist option. The teacher needs lead time for supplies. We can secure your spot and notify the teacher.