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California Politics  

Tom Ammiano We will look at today's headlines and examine them in depth, drawing on the instructor's extensive experience in the State Legislature and local San Francisco politics, including histories of past, ongoing, and current legislative issues. The impact of national issues on our local and state communities will be discussed as well as the effect of local initiatives on the state and vice versa. A full perspective will be provided from logistical details such as how to get the Governor's signature, to the evolution of issues into legislation. Glimpses behind the scenes of processes in Sacramento will be provided, including party politics strategies, the role of money, and the role of personal relationships. Perspective will be provided on the role of the community, including organizing grassroots, and constituent effectiveness. This class will allow for full discourse on socio-political issues…past, present, and future. Speakers will likely be brought it on at least some of these issues (to be determined per dates). Week 1 - Introduction and overview Week 2 - The effect on local and state government of the Trump administration. Week 3 - Topical issues: Sanctuary, immigration, homelessness marijuana, education. Week 4 - Topical issues continued: Prop 13,Gender fluidity, health care, police reform Week 5 - Infrastructure: land use, transportation, water, development. Week 6 - What the future holds, elections, candidates, campaigns, legislation. Tom Ammiano is an American politician and LGBT rights activist from San Francisco, California. A member of the California Legislative LGBT Caucus, Tom served as a member of the California State Assembly from 2008 to November 30, 2014. He had previously been a member of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors and had mounted an bid for mayor of San Francisco in 1999. Since leaving office, Tom has been an instructor at Skyline Community College, the University of San Francisco. Currently Tom does a podcast on politics, and recently performed a one man show at the Marsh Theater.