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Arts of Japan: From Late Medieval to Modern Day  

Arts of Japan: From Late Medieval to Modern Day Explore, discuss, and understand Japan’s major contributions to the history of art the history of Japanese art from its early modern period (16th century) to present day – as Japanese art shed its tether to religious matters in favor of more human concerns associated with modernity. Develop critical “seeing” while learning about artistic techniques and traditions that began to blend the best of both Eastern & Western worlds. Search for connections and conclusions surrounding Japan’s major impact on both European & American artists (Monet, Van Gogh, Degas, Gauguin, Toulouse Lautrec, Chase, Tarbell, Cassatt, et al). WEEK 1: Castles, Shrines, Temples & Society from the Heian to Modern periods WEEK 2: Shoguns, Samurai & the Military Class as power is passed from generation to generation WEEK 3: Arts of Edo – Ukiyo-e, Screens & Scrolls, Ink Paining, and the Masters WEEK 4: Arts of Edo – Continued. Plus, Synopsis & Excerpts from Murasaki Shikibu’s “Tale of Genji” WEEK 5: Tea Ceremony & Kabuki and Noh theatrical traditions and experiences (with videos of each) WEEK 6: Japonisme & its influence on the rest of the world arts Karen Lee McSorley can recall her early art experience to regular weekend visits to The Met as a very young child. Since then, she has earned advanced degrees in Art History and Economics from both Northwestern and Yale. Her passion for these combined fields is seen across her decade-long service at SFMOMA. Supplemental readings will be provided as well as one optional field trip will be offered to the Asian Art Museum. Admission cost will be responsibility of the student.