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Connections with Social Media  

Anne Drazen This is a FUN, ENTERTAINING and STRESS-FREE way to get started with social media on the web. Want to exchange news and photos with family members? reconnect with old friends? learn how to make bread or speak a foreign language? connect with others who share your interests? get recommendations for movies and books? This class makes it easy to learn what you can do on the web and shows you how to get started using tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. Classes will focus on what you want to do rather than the technology. Instructor-led demonstrations (with a lot of examples) will be followed by games and exercises to get each student involved in the learning process. Detailed handouts will ensure that students are able to reproduce what is learned in class. Optional homework uses social media to connect students with similar interests. Online “office hours” enable each student to communicate with the instructor between classes. Week 1: Introduction - Overview of the most popular social media tools, why and where they are used, format of each class, privacy, security and etiquette. Week 2: Make new friends and keep the old - Connect with family and friends (new and old) with Facebook, post texts and photos, keep up-to-date on areas of interest Week 3: News and reviews - Tweet with President Trump, find your next good book or movie, staying current on the news Week 4: Fun and games - Watch movies, listen to music, read books and play games Week 5: Learn something new - Take classes for credit or fun, watch an expert demonstrate a technique or product, learn from “the pros” Week 6: Travel - Get travel advice on the best flights, hotels, things to do, etc. at home or away Anne Drazen has a BS in mathematics from Syracuse University and an MS in computer science from Ohio State. She recently retired as the Associate Dean for Information Services at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. She has worked for over 35 years in a number of IT positions in both industry and higher education and knows exactly how you feel when your computer is not working. Note: Time in class will not include hands-on work on computers or other devices.