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Sketching SF State with Pencil & Watercolor  

Karen Bash In this class we will explore how to create lively pencil & watercolor sketches of SF State campus. You will learn tips for sketching architecture, trees, etc., and how to develop an interesting composition. Then, by adding some watercolor to your sketches you will make them come alive! Instruction will be given in watercolor techniques such as washes and glazing, along with basic color theory. We will explore the beautifully landscaped SF State campus and create unique watercolor sketches of its diverse outdoor areas. Instruction will be given in basic skills to drawing varied plant life and architecture. We will then enhance our drawings with watercolor to define light and shadow, and make them pop with color After we have finished our sketches we will meet at one of the coffee spots for goodies and art sharing. We'll paint indoors if there is rain. Note: This class will take place on the SFSU campus at various locations and you must be comfortable carrying your art supplies while walking on paths and using stairs. We will work outside, and if the weather is inclement inside one of the many venues with views. Week 1: Introduction to developing a landscape composition and the basics of sketching plants, buildings & people Week 2: The basics of color theory and watercolor techniques Week 3: Creating a landscape watercolor sketch, close up view Week 4: Creating a landscape watercolor sketch, long distance view Students will be introduced to plein air pencil and watercolor sketching with easy and accessible techniques. By developing their skills in a friendly and supportive atmosphere, they will feel comfortable continuing to use these skills on their own after the class is finished. Sketching the SF State campus will help them see familiar views with new eyes and encourage them to look at their surroundings with greater visual understanding. This will help them to better understand the paintings and drawings they view in books, galleries or museums. Materials: In the first class we will just be drawing. Sketching materials will be provided. Painting materials will be on hand if you’d like to see what your options are. You could #1. View the options on the first day and bring painting supplies you have to show me or #2. Full materials list and artist statement available under the courses tab at Karen Bash obtained her B.F.A. in Studio Art from San Francisco State University. She is a landscapes artist working in pastel, watercolor, ink and graphite. Her work has been published, and shown in Bay Area galleries. She has been an art instructor for more than 20 years in the Bay Area, and currently works at Sharon Art Studio in San Francisco.