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More Gilbert and Sullivan  

In this course, we will explore five of the comic and musical masterpieces of Gilbert and Sullivan. You do not have to have taken the previous course on this topic offered in the Summer of 2018 in order to enjoy this class. The operas of Gilbert and Sullivan were the beach Blanket Babylon of Victorian London. W. S. Gilbert’s lyrics lampooned all that was supposed to be sacred in British society from the class system to the church to the royal navy to Queen Victoria herself. Sullivan’s sparkling musical scores make clever reference to the music of numerous other composers and periods of music history. In the final session of this course, we will delve into the rich legacy of gilbert and Sullivan in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. From comic song writers such as Tom Lehrer to giants of musical theater such as Stephen Sondheim, Gilbert and Sullivan’s influence is felt throughout literature and music in the English speaking world. No previous musical experience is necessary for this course. Come listen, learn, and join in the adventure. Week 1. The Sorcerer Week 2. Patience Week 3. Iolanthe Week 4. Princess Ida Week 5. Ruddigore Week 6. The legacy of Gilbert and Sullivan


This class is not available at this time.