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Travel the World Through Textiles  

Travel the World through Textiles This class examines both historical and contemporary textile traditions from around the world. It looks at the symbolism, cultural context and techniques used in creating these textiles as well as their role in today’s economy. The course consists of illustrated lectures. After each topic, students will have the opportunity to study examples of textiles and material culture from the instructor’s collection. Week by Week Outline 1. Why textiles are important; Fiber, dyes, tools, patterning processes, textile care. 2. Textiles of Latin America 3. Post-colonial Africa textiles 4. India, Pakistan and Bhutan 5. Central Asia – Nomads and Town Dweller China & Northern Vietnam’s Ethnic Minorities 6. Techniques and Textiles of Japan Clothing and customs of South East Asia Objectives of the Course Participants will gain an understanding of the social, economic, ritualistic and aesthetic significance of traditional textiles as well as gain an appreciation of the amazing skills required to create them.


This class is not available at this time.