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Writing Sudden Fiction   

In this workshop students will read, write, and revise a sudden fiction story. Sudden fiction, otherwise known as flash fiction, is different from other forms of fiction by its low word count. Writing sudden fiction is invigorating and challenging.

In this class, we will read many examples  over the course of the workshop, and students will shepherd their story from genesis to completion.  Homework will consist of revisions and a few exercises to help ensure that your piece is as polished and  economically written as possible. Prior fiction or nonfiction writing is strongly suggested. Students should be comfortable using computers and programs.

Week 1:  What constitutes sudden fiction? * Elements Worksheet * Readings

Week 2:  What’s a Praise Sandwich? Readings * Revision * Elements of good critique 

Week 3:  Finding submission markets Review & Revision * Critique * Readings 

Week 4:  Workshopping stories * Readings * Critique 

Week 5:  Workshopping stories * Readings * Critique 

Week 6:  Story Shares


This class is not available at this time.