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Kinky Animals  

NOTE: You will receive the Zoom link one week, and again 1-2 days, before the class. We also keep an eye out for late registrants. Please contact with any questions.

The Animal Kingdom has diversified enormously through time… and so have the ways that animals reproduce. In this course we will explore a small smattering of the amazing ways animals have sex. If you think humans are the only creatures that like it kinky, come explore some of the bizarre tendencies of our evolutionary ancestors. Sure to make your own sex life look downright boring.


Kinky Animals

Item # 21JulHH0851

Meeting Schedule

Day: M,  10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
7/26/2021 - 7/26/2021

**Note you will receive Zoom link one week as well asĀ one day before class begins. Monday classes will receive the link on the Friday before class begins.


Brennan Wenck-Reilly



Seats Available: 69
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