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ZOOM: Noir and Blacklist   

**This class will be taught on Zoom**

By the late 1940s the fear that Communism was a serious internal threat to the nation's security  resulted in the creation of the House Un-American Activities Committee to ferret out subversive  figures. The left-wing faction of Hollywood became a prime target. 

The ensuing witch-hunt decimated Hollywood's vast talent pool as brilliant careers were  suddenly and often tragically ended. Six films created by those most affected by this shameful  scourge, subversively camouflaged as "B" crime pictures -- now commonly referred to as Film  Noir and all allegorical commentaries on the blacklist -- will shed light on Hollywood's most  frightening real-life horror story. 

Week by Week Outline -- Each week films will be watched by the students in advance of class. Details for accessing the films will be provided.

Week 1: BRUTE FORCE (1947) 

Week 2: CROSSFIRE (1947) 

Week 3: FORCE OF EVIL (1948) 

Week 4: TRY AND GET ME (1950) 

Week 5: THE PROWLER (1951) 

Week 6: BODY AND SOUL (1947)


This class is not available at this time.