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IN-PERSON: Late Imperial Russia 1855-1914   

**This class will be taught in-person**

This class is a series of talks on Late Imperial Russia (1855-1914). We will look at the autocratic tradition and the social, political, economic and governmental changes that marked this complex and fateful period in Russian history. Often seen as a time of decay, a prelude to the Revolution of 1917, recent rethinking and scholarship is now altering our perspective. While not all signs were positive, the years before the Great War were remarkably vibrant and creative. Perhaps the best way to look at this period is to see it as a "road not taken" with lessons and implications for today. 

Week by Week Outline

  1. Autocracy and Reform (1855-1881)

  2. Opposition: From Dissent to Terrorism (1855-1881)

  3. Counter-Reform and Crisis (the 1890s)

  4. 1905: Revolution and Renewal

  5. The Autocrat and the Reformer

  6. 1914: Where was Russia Going? 


This class is not available at this time.