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IN-PERSON: Joseph Haydn: A Composer at Musical Cross Roads   

**This class will be taught In-Person**

**Note that this course will not meet on 4th of July**

Joseph Haydn occupies a pivotal place in the history of European classical music. He began his career in the world of aristocratic patronage. Later, he launched himself as a composer available to the concert-going public. His productivity was unabated  throughout the turbulence of the French Revolution. He nearly single-handedly  developed both the symphony and the string quartet. He was deeply connected with  Mozart and Beethoven and helped form their style and that of many generations to come. In this course we will revel in the wit, charm, depth, and variety of the music he composed over five decades.  


Week by Week Outline:

Week 1. Haydn’s string quartets.  

Even more than the symphony, Haydn can be truly said to be the father of the string  quartet. This multi-movement form for two violins, viola, and cello has remained a  staple of chamber music for over two hundred and fifty years. We will hear examples  from Haydn’s early, middle and late periods of musical development.  

Weeks 2 and 3.. Symphonies.  

Haydn’s one hundred and four symphonies span the decades from his earliest  employment as a Hungarian prince’s household musician to late works published and  performed in Europe’s greatest cities. This corpus of orchestral music explores  humor, pathos, great musical complexity, and infectious joy.  

Week 4. Haydn’s solo and other chamber music.  

From concertos for solo instruments with full orchestra to intimate piano trios, to  eccentric music for a novelty string instrument played by his royal patron, Haydn had  deep insight and love for the varied sounds of solo instruments in small and large  combinations.  

Week 5. Haydn’s vocal music.  

In addition to Haydn’s magnificent corpus of Latin church music, his two oratorios, The Creation and the Seasons became foundational works of the choral repertory far beyond the German speaking world.  

Week 6. Haydn’s influence on later musicians and music.  

From his personal relationships with Mozart and Beethoven, into our own time, composers continue to be inspired by his example. We will listen to music which, either directly or indirectly was inspired by Haydn and discuss his huge cultural influence. 


This class is not available at this time.  

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