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IN-PERSON: Discovering AI: A Whirlwind Tour for the Curious Mind   

**This class will be taught In-Person**
**This class will be 3 sessions long**

Most people have little interest in becoming experts in Artificial Intelligence, but a great deal of interest in learning about what’s causing all the current excitement and how the technology might affect their lives. This mini-course promises to cover the major points in the past and the present (e.g., ChatGPT) along with what may be over the horizon with predictions for the future.

Session 1 – “What’s the Fuss About AI?”

·  Why is it “artificial intelligence” and not just intelligence?

·  What are the fundamental concepts behind AI?

·  How might AI affect our lives – opportunities and fears?

Session 2 – “What’s Happening With AI in 2024?”

·  Why the excitement about ChatGPT and the chatbot phenomenon?

·  Why the concern about DeepFakes, misuse of AI and deception/misinformation/privacy?

·  Will AI become the next financial engine?  Is AI a threat to global security?

Session 3 – “How Will AI Shape Our Future?”

·  What does the future of AI technology look like?

·  Will AI become a responsible part of society?

·  How do we learn to live and partner with AI?


This class is not available at this time.  

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