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The Pharmacy Technician program prepares students for the role of support personnel in the hospital, clinical, home health care agencies, mail-order and retail pharmacies. Working under the direction of a licensed pharmacist, Pharmacy Technicians provide assistance to the pharmacist in a variety of tasks involving the packaging, distribution, compounding, labeling, and recording of drugs.

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Seasonal Nutrition  

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are 5 Elements which govern the seasons, and using this theory which observes nature we can eat healthy which will strengthen immunity, make good blood, ease digestion, which in e?ect helps body functions become balanced and treat imbalances within the body-mind-spirit. For example, Summer is Fire. It is when the flowers burst open, smells are abundant, we are active outside doing things, it color is red, and we see that expression on the skin and from the heart with smiles. Passion is Fire, and we tend to do things we love with passion during summer, laughing. Foods of Summer are colored red, they are fiery peppers, spicy, and to balance we eat melons full of water, cool juices and lightly. Each week we will look at the color, smells, sounds, taste, parts of the body, and food for each season. Recipes will be shared, growing tips, tincture making, exercises, human physiology and plant chemistry.


  • Seasonal Nutrition

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  • Item Number: 6111

    Fee: $150.00

  • Instructor: Candace Gossen

    Capacity Remaining: 20

  • Dates: 1/28/2021 - 3/18/2021

    Times: 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

  • Sessions: 8

    Days: Th

  • Building: Online



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