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GIS Collaboration and Analysis with Online Maps  

Learn to share maps and data online to increase efficiency and improve a business’s ability to understand problems and discover opportunities. Collaboration is the fuel for managing your geospatial content. Sharing maps and data helps to increase efficiency and improve a business’s ability to understand problems and discover opportunities. Esri's ArcGIS Online (AGOL) provides resources for map and data collaboration through analysis of data to show relationships and patterns. This course will guide you through publishing data online, and creating dynamic maps and web applications (apps).

You will learn to become an expert AGOL user through understanding the behind the scenes details of AGOL, data formats, and processes. You will create tools to analyze your data, develop maps and generate web apps. The course will also provide guidance on the management of an ArcGIS Online organization, including user and group settings, credit management, gallery and landing page settings, and other administrative functions.

Learn how AGOL is an effective avenue for organizations to distribute, collect, analyze and share their data with online maps. This class extends the skills learned in “Sharing Stories with Online Maps” course.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:
  • Navigate the AGOL Organization interface
  • Share data and maps within ArcGIS Online
  • Identify the usage of AGOL 'Credits'
  • Upload, download and utilize various data types within AGOL
  • Publish services and tiled map services
  • Create sharable maps with ArcGIS Online
  • Access analysis tools available through ArcGIS Online
  • Create interactive, sharable and customizable web applications (apps) using ArcGIS Online
  • Manage an ArcGIS Online organizational subscription using best practices for user invitation, group identities, credit usage, and other administrative aspects
Course Prerequisites: Completion of “Sharing Stories With Online Maps” is required. Basic experience with Microsoft Windows software for basic file management(e.g. Excel)


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