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PNW Edible Mushrooms Identification & Culinary Class   NEW!

This course is a three-hour introduction to local edible PNW Fungi. The course is co taught by a mother and daughter team and will cover various aspects of fungal morphology and ecology, such as, what is a mushroom, how does it grow, and what are their habitat requirements. In addition, the class will also address how they should be harvested, stored, and cooked.

There will be an emphasis on the more abundant, local edibles such as Chantrelles, Morels, King Boletes (Porcinis), Oyster Mushrooms, Lobster Mushrooms, Hedgehogs Mushrooms, Cauliflower Mushrooms, Shaggy Main Mushrooms and Candy Caps. Importantly, for any novice, key tips on how to identify poisonous look alikes will be also provided. When possible, fresh specimens will be provided to share with the class, and photos of those not available will be shown during the presentation.

The class will wrap up with tips on cooking wild mushrooms, a couple methods of preserving and a chance to taste local edibles in a culinary dish prepared during the class. We will also share some of our favorite culinary dishes using freshly gathered local mushrooms and of great resources for the fungi enthusiast.


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