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Fundamentals of Fermentation: The Science, History and Health Benefits    NEW!

In this course students will learn the where, what, when and why of fermenting. This class will give you a solid foundation and understanding of fermenting. The students will learn about the many ethnic regions around the world that thrived on fermenting food. We will go over the science behind the breaking down of foods in the fermenting process. The students will also learn why and how fermented foods benefit us and our well being. The class will also cover a discussion on the benefits of fermented foods for our guts and over all health. This is a wonderful introduction class for the would-be fermentist and will take the fear out of fermenting at home.

This class is taught by Julie Kamin-Martin, owner of Oly-Cultures with Guest speaker, Meghan Hinz, CF, LMP, Functional Nutrition Coach

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The Art of Fermenting at Home Certificate is presented in partnership with Oly~Cultures. Click the icon below to learn more about Oly~Cultures.

Would you and a group like to learn to prepare a special fermented food, ethnic dish, dessert or old time favorite? We are happy to work with you to create a special class for your group taught by Julie Kamin-Martin/Oly~Cultures. Give us a call at 360-709-2020 or email us at

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