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Let's Make Kimchi   NEW!

Kimchi is a very popular fermented Korean dish and is commonly served with each meal in many Asian homes. In this class, you will learn more about the regional differences in making kimchi. You will be taught what to look for when selecting fresh ingredients, where to locate the hard to find spices, what vessel works best to prepare your kimchi, as well as how to start the fermenting process. You will also learn where to store your kimchi while fermenting, for how long, the best temperature and much more. Find out the other uses for kimchi outside of just being a wonderful healthy side dish and sample a couple of different varieties of fermented kimchi.

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Would you and a group like to learn to prepare a special fermented food, ethnic dish, dessert or old time favorite? We are happy to work with you to create a special class for your group taught by Julie Kamin-Martin/Oly~Cultures. Give us a call at 360-709-2020 or email us at

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