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Fermenting Mustard, Hot Sauce and Catsup   NEW!

Fermenting your own condiments is not only fun for everyone in the family, but a way to enjoy condiments with a healthy twist. In this class Julie will demonstrate the three condiments from start to finish. Selecting the right ingredients is part of the fun. Examples, hot sauce: do you want to add a fruit to the fermentation to add another whole layer of taste, such as blueberry, raspberry or peach? Catsup: do you want to add local honey or organic maple syrup for a hint of sweetness? Mustard: Do you want a nice smooth mustard vs a wonderful farm stone ground texture or a yellow or brown mustard. These are just a sample of the twists and turns you will learn in this class. Customizing, being creative and experimenting is what it is all about. These also make great gifts for family, co-workers and friends!

Note: Hot Sauce~If the needed hot peppers are not available due to their seasonal availability, that one topic may be replaced with another, such as Lacto-Fermented Jalapenos.

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Would you and a group like to learn to prepare a special fermented food, ethnic dish, dessert or old time favorite? We are happy to work with you to create a special class for your group taught by Julie Kamin-Martin/Oly~Cultures. Give us a call at 360-709-2020 or email us at

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