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Graphic Design Capstone Project    NEW!

Participants in the capstone will demonstrate understanding of the skills, concepts and techniques from the Graphic Design certification classes. At the end of the class, they will present a graphic design product they have designed and built during the class. Class activities simulate the processes of working with a client from initial interview through final project presentation. Students present their capstone projects before classmates, demonstrating professional verbal, written and visual communication.

This is the final class in the Graphic Design Certificate.

This class is required for participants in the Graphic Design Certificate Program, and enrollment is limited to certificate students who have completed all the required classes.

Upon successful completion of this class, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate how to achieve business and marketing goals while catering to identified users
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of principles and programs used in the Graphic Design certificate program
  • Present a final design for a client project which includes the following:
  • Project description, including problem statement
  • Identification of target Audience
  • Sample design appropriate to the type of project being undertaken. Students can choose from one of three types of projects to create (brochure for sample client, flyer for SPSCC design program, 3-page website). All projects must be designed using at least TWO programs from the Graphic Design certificate program.

Pre-requisite: Before enrolling in the Capstone seminar, students must have completed all required classes for the Graphic Design Certificate.

The above prerequisites are considered to be the basic skills and knowledge needed prior to taking this class. Instructors will assume your readiness for the class and will NOT use class time to discuss prerequisite concepts, knowledge or techniques.


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