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Centuries Old Elixirs   NEW!

You can make your own immune boosting health elixirs! This class will be focusing on three, Kvass, Fire Cider and shrubs (drinking vinegars). Come join Julie Kamin-Martin (founder of Oly~Cultures) in this two-hour informative class on how to create your own healthy probiotic elixir that can be customized for your family, friends or yourself. Fire Cider is a very consecrated elixir that goes through a month long ferment. It is taken in a small amount (one shot-glass) each morning to help build up your immune system. Kvass can be enjoyed each day to help boost and build up your immune system. Shrubs, a fruit healthy flavored vinegar drink that is made for it's medicinal properties can be served over ice, fruit, sparkling water or incorporate it into mixed drinks. Samples will be provided at the end of the class of all drinks.

Shrubs:The early English version of the shrub arose from the medicinal cordials of the 15th century. The American version of the shrub has its origins in 17th century England where vinegar was used as an alternative to citrus juices in the preservation of berries and other fruits for the off-season.

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