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A Food Service Manager's Guide to Understand Restaurant Financial Statements   NEW!

This three, half-days course is geared to those managers and owners in the food service industry who do not have an accounting or financial background to master techniques that will allow you to control expenses and project revenue. The course will give these restaurant leaders the ability to read and understand restaurant financial statements. Food service accountants are also encouraged to attend this seminar.

The goal of this seminar is to help you:
1. Read and understand the restaurant balance sheet and profit and loss statement
2. Identify financial problems through an analysis of the profit and loss statement
3. Identify and use important restaurant financial ratios
4. Recognize the importance of prime cost
5. Review sample general expenses and revenue sources
6. Calculates to achieve a desired profit
7. Inventory control and preventing theft

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This course is available for both in-person and remote attendance. If you will be attending remotely, you must email our registration team at with your full name and registration order number, or call our team at 360-709-2020 to indicate that you are a remote participant. Two weeks prior to the first class date, our team will provide you with the virtual classroom link and instructions for testing your system for compatibility.


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