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How to Start Your Own (Profitable) Farm   NEW!

You’ve got big dreams of a farm...we want to help you make those dreams a reality.

Join Matthew and Rachael Tuller, the owners of Lost Peacock Creamery, for a 6-week on farm intensive curriculum. You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of how Lost Peacock Creamery operates and provides a living wage to both farmers as a Grade A Goat Dairy and you’ll work out all the kinks and unknowns for your own (someday) farm. Each week will include regular farm chores and the work of the farm. We will do barn checks every class to see who is close to kidding. Class participants will be on farm for Kidding Season and the work of delivery and baby care of the mama and baby goats.

Week 1: Introduction, Farm Walk
Share your goals, hopes, and dreams. Your homework will be to write down the main crop you want to farm and then, take it one step further and come up with 5 different ways you can diversify off that crop to add extra income. On the farm walk we will cover how we’ve diversified and what different systems we have in place.

Week 2: Money, Resources
Speak with a real accountant about how to file farm taxes! Meet with our insurance agent that has helped us build our farm policy that meets all farmer’s market regulations and needs of our distributor. We’ll also talk over any potential licensing fees that will be required for your business.

Week 3: Packaging/Labeling/Branding
Packaging, labeling, storing, transporting…it’s all a mystery! We’ll discuss how this works for us and how it could work for you and your farm. We’ll also talk about branding, websites, and logos and do some case studies around what works and doesn’t work when farms make their own logos.

Week 4: Finding a Sales Outlet
Meet our distributor and learn first hand which crops he is continually asked to grow from Seattle’s top chefs! We'll also talk about how to email vendors, cold calls, distributing samples, etc., and we'll talk about the different avenues to sell your product like: Farmers Markets, Distributor, Self-Distributing, Wholesale, etc.

Week 5: MARKETING!!!
The number one place most small farms struggle! We’ll talk about the key strategies behind marketing and also go over some case studies of what works and what doesn’t. This is also where we’ll talk about social media and how gosh darn important it is.

Week 6:
Milking! Kidding!! GOATS!!! We'll also use this as a wrap to make sure all your bases are covered and you feel prepared to go out into the world and start your own farm!

Partner Price: If you are exploring starting up a farm with an other individual, you may enroll with one partner at a discounted rate. Please call our registration line at 360-709-2020 to inquire about the discount.


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