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Introduction to Welding and Creative Metalwork  

This is an art class aimed at those without prior experience in working with metals. It provides an opportunity for students to learn a variety of processes, including oxy/acetylene welding, MIG welding (GMAW), torch cutting, plasma cutting, forging, and the use of such equipment as metal shears, benders, rollers, grinders, punches, saws, and drill presses. Students interested in learning other processes such as TIG welding (GTAW), or stick welding (SMAW), will be given brief basic instruction, and the opportunity to practice on their own.

Students will need to furnish a few small tools of their own. A list can be found here. Material for the first project (a four inch cube) will be provided. After that, students will furnish or buy the materials for their own projects. Sources and prices will be discussed in the class.

This is an interesting and informative class in its own right, but part of its purpose is to prepare students to participate in the Saturday morning Fire Art Studio. Students in the Fire Art Studio are expected to have at least a modest amount of experience in working with metal, and basic instruction there is provided only in quarters when no introductory level class is offered.

If you have a chronic respiratory problem such as asthma, please consult your physician prior to enrolling for this class.


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